Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) On Undocumented Immigrants: ‘I Will Do Anything Short Of Shooting Them’

Controversy has erupted throughout the state as Alabama enacted the most draconian anti-immigration legislation in the nation. Freshman Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) has poured gasoline on the fire by making clear that he has no compassion for any undocumented person he encounters.

At a town hall recently, Brooks told constituents that he would do anything to an “illegal immigrant” short of literally shooting them to get them out of the country. Speaking with WHNT News, a local television station, Brooks repeated his threat enthusiastically:

“I wanted to ensure people that I have an intensity on this subject that we have to address the illegal alien issue,” said Congressman Mo Brooks. […] “They have no right to be here. They are clogging up our emergency rooms, and making our education system more expensive. If you go to the Madison County Jail, there are far too many illegal aliens there because they have victimized Americans,” added Brooks.

Brooks’ intensity is clear. He did not flinch when asked to repeat what he said during a recent town hall meeting. “As your congressman on the house floor, I will do anything short of shooting them. Anything that is lawful, it needs to be done because illegal aliens need to quit taking jobs from American citizens,” added Brooks.

What is Brooks referring to when he says he will do anything short of shooting people? Does he mean he will cheat them, or defraud them, or exploit them in some way, as long as he’s not breaking the law but making their lives miserable? He already has no problem scapegoating tens of thousands of people just to score cheap political points.


Brooks may think that making threats against immigrant communities could help him politically, but he disgraces his office with such rhetoric. Undocumented immigrants have faced attacks, police brutality, and other forms of violence because of exactly the same type of dehumanization and hatred espoused by lawmakers like Brooks.