Rep. Rob Bishop says passage of clean energy bill will be as tragic as the death of Michael Jackson

[This post was reprinted from Thinkprogress.]

Yesterday on Fox Business, anchor David Asman hosted a round table dedicated to smearing the Waxman-Markey clean energy economy legislation. The discussion, including Fox Business’ Cody Willard and the Heritage Foundation’s David Kreutzer, lacked a single proponent of the bill. Concluding the segment, Asman asked Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT) “” an opponent not just of clean energy legislation, but of green jobs in general “” if the bill would pass the House. He responded with a morbid comparison:

ASMAN: Congressman Bishop is there any chance at all that this thing won’t pass tomorrow?

BISHOP: Well there’s hope, we’ll see if “” I mean you guys covered a national tragedy today, let’s hope we don’t give you a tragedy tomorrow as well.


Watch it:

Earlier during the programming (the segment aired at 7:30 eastern time), the death of Michael Jackson was announced.