Rep. Steve King Suggests States Have A Right To Ban Contraception

Following up on last week’s contraception hearing, the House Judiciary Committee held another hearing yesterday afternoon on the subject, which featured the rantings of Rep. Steve King (R-IA). In a lengthy screed against the Obama administration’s contraception rule, King scoffed at the progress made in women’s rights over the passed 60 years and suggested that Connecticut had a right to ban contraception in the landmark Griswold v. Connecticut:

KING: Why should I care about the conclusions that have been brought forward by the Supreme Court if we can race from 1965, Connecticut having a Tenth Amendment right to establish a policy, a Supreme Court that creates a right to privacy that’s the foundation for mandated abortion, and here were are discussing whether we’re going to mandate everybody in America fund and provide that contraceptives. … Why should I care?

Watch it:

The Griswold decision overturned a law in Connecticut that prohibited the use of birth control, even for married couples, but King apparently thinks the state had a right to enforce that ban.


ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos raised this very issue during a GOP presidential debate in January and was roundly pilloried by conservatives. “George, this is an unusual question you’re asking,” Mitt Romney replied and suggested that nobody was seriously considering outlawing contraceptives. King’s answer, however, would suggest otherwise.