REPORT: 69 percent of foreign policy experts favor redeployment from Iraq.

Today, the Center for American Progress and Foreign Policy released their annual “Terrorism Index,” a survey of more than 100 U.S. foreign policy experts, conservatives and liberals alike, on developments in international affairs. Some highlights:

80 percent say that the U.S. has focused too much on the war in Iraq and not enough on Afghanistan.

69 percent recommend that the majority of U.S. forces in Iraq be redeployed in the next 18 months, up one percent from last year.

Zero percent say Iraq is most likely to become the next al Qaeda stronghold; 51 percent say Pakistan will be.


81 percent say U.S. policy towards Iran has negatively impacted national security.

The report also notes more positive conclusions. In June 2007, just 6 percent of the experts said the U.S. was winning the war on terrorism. Today, 21 percent say the U.S. is making headway in fighting terrorism.