REPORT: Bush Loyalist James Baker Calls Iraq ‘A Helluva Mess’

Former Secretary of State James Baker, one of the most ardent Bush family loyalists, is heading up a commission to review our policy in Iraq. According to the BBC, Baker was “visibly upset” during a recent visit to Iraq, calling the country “a helluva mess.” Watch the BBC report:


The media has reported that Baker’s panel has “ruled out the prospect for victory” and will recommend a “change in course,” possibly including “withdrawing American troops in phases, and bringing neighboring Iran and Syria into a joint effort to stop the fighting.” Both options were proposed over a year ago by progressives in Strategic Redeployment.

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President Bush is under increasing effort to change course in Iraq. The BBC has learned that one of the president’s most influential advisors was visibly upset on a recent visit to the country and called it a “helluva mess.” James Baker was Secretary of State to the president’s father, George Bush Sr. He’s now leading a top-level commission which is expect to suggest some significant changes in policy.