Report: Coleman’s illicit funds helped pay for home renovations.

Earlier this week, news reports indicated that the FBI is investigating allegations that Nasser Kazeminy, a Minnesota businessman “tried to funnel $75,000” to Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN) through his wife. Now, a Minnesota Fox News affiliate reports that the timing of the payments suggest that the funds were used to pay for a portion of the senator’s home renovations:

[Coleman’s] campaign did agree to share billing records of the remodeling project. Original projections in 2006 estimated a cost of $328,000, but four months later, the construction cost was estimated at $414,000, over-budget by $86,000.

During that time is when, the lawsuit alleges, Kazeminy was trying to get money to Coleman. According to the lawsuits, in March of 2007, Kazeminy said that “U.S. Senators don’t make s — -” and he was going to try to find a way to get money to Coleman.

The renovations included remodeling the Colemans’ kitchen, which Coleman showed off in a recent campaign ad: