REPORT: Meet The 2010 GOP Freshman Class

Following last night’s election, over 100 freshmen Republicans will take their seats in the 112th Congress. These GOPers come from disparate backgrounds, but they are united by their adherence to the extreme wing of conservative ideology.

A new ThinkProgress investigation has found that the incoming GOP freshman class is rife with legislators who not only oppose climate change legislation, but deny that manmade global warming even exists. They are pushing not just to end birthright citizenship, but also demand that the United States reduce the number of legal immigrants.

Here is a snapshot of the GOP Class of 2010’s extremism:



– 50% deny the existence of manmade climate change- 86% are opposed to any climate change legislation that increases government revenue


– 39% have already declared their intention to end the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of birthright citizenship- 32% want to reduce legal immigration


– 91% have sworn to never allow an income tax increase on any individual or business — regardless of deficits or war- 79% have pledged to permanently repeal the estate tax- 48% are pushing for a balanced budget amendment

This is where individual incoming GOP freshmen stand on each issue:

KeyGW: Global warming denierCC: No climate change legislationBC: End birthright citizenshipRI: Reduce legal immigrationTP: No tax increase pledgeET: Repeal estate taxBB: Balanced budget amendment

Martha Roby (AL-02) CC TP ETMo Brooks (AL-05) GW CC TP ETJoe Miller* (AK-SEN) GW CC TP ET BBPaul Gosar (AZ-01) CC BC RI TPBen Quayle (AZ-03) GW CC BC TP ETDavid Schweikert (AZ-05) CC BC RI TP ET BBRuth McClung* (AZ-07) GW CC ET BBJesse Kelly* (AZ-08) GW CC BC RI TP ET BBRick Crawford (AR-01) CC TP ETTim Griffin (AR-02) CC BC RI TP ETSteve Womack (AR-03) CC BC RI TPJohn Boozman (AR-SEN) GW CC BC RI TP ET BBDavid Harmer* (CA-11) GW CC TP ETJeff Denham (CA-19) GW CC TPAndy Vidak (CA-20) GW TP ETScott Tipton (CO-03) CC TP ETCory Gardner (CO-04) GW CC TP BBSteve Southerland (FL-02) CC BC RI TP ET BBRich Nugent (FL-05) CC BC RI TP ET BBDaniel Webster (FL-08) CC BC RI TP ETDennis Ross (FL-12) CC BC RI TP ET BBAllen West (FL-22) GW BC RI ETSandy Adams (FL-24) CC BC RI TP ET BBDavid Rivera (FL-25) CC TP ETMarco Rubio (FL-SEN) GW CC TP ET BBRob Woodall (GA-07) BC RIAustin Scott (GA-08) CC BC RI TP ETRaul Labrador (ID-01) CC RI TP ET BBJoe Walsh* (IL-08) GW CC TP BBRobert Dold (IL-10) GW CC TPAdam Kinzinger (IL-11) CC TPRandy Hultgren (IL-14) GW CC TP ET BBBobby Schilling (IL-17) GW CC BC TP ET BBMark Kirk (IL-SEN) CCMarlin Stutzman (IN-03) CC TP ET BBTodd Rokita (IN-04) GW CC TP ETLarry Bucshon (IN-08) GW CC TP ET BBTodd Young (IN-09) GW CC TP BBDan Coats (IN-SEN) GW CC TP ET BBTim Huelskamp (KS-01) GW CC BC RI TP ETKevin Yoder (KS-03) ET Mike Pompeo (KS-04) CC TP ETJerry Moran (KS-SEN) GW CC BC RI TPRand Paul (KY-SEN) GW CC BC TP ET BBJeff Landry (LA-03) CC TP BBAndy Harris (MD-01) CC BC RI TP ET BBDan Benishek (MI-01) CC BC RI TP ET BBBill Huizenga (MI-02) GW CC TP ETJustin Amash (MI-03) CC TP ET BBTim Walberg (MI-07) GW CC BC RI TP ET BBChip Cravaack (MN-08) GW TP ET BBVicky Hartzler (MO-04) GW CC BC TP ETBilly Long (MO-07) CC ETRoy Blunt (MO-SEN) GW CC BC RI TP ETAlan Nunnelee (MS-01) CC BC RI TP ET BBSteven Palazzo (MS-04) CC BC RI TP ET BBRenee Ellmers (NC-02) TP ET BBRick Berg (ND-AL) CC TP ETJohn Hoeven (ND-SEN) GWFrank Guinta (NH-01) CC TP ET BBCharlie Bass (NH-02) GW CC BC TPKelly Ayotte (NH-SEN) GW CC TP ET BBJon Runyan (NJ-03) CC ET BBJoe Heck (NV-03) CC BC RI TP ETSteve Pearce (NM-02) GW CC BC TP ETMike Grimm (NY-13) GW CC TP ET BBNan Hayworth (NY-19) GW CC TP ET BBChris Gibson (NY-20) CC TPRichard Hanna (NY-24) ET Anne Marie Buerkle* (NY-25) GW CC TP ET BBTom Reed (NY-29) CC TP ETSteve Chabot (OH-01) GW CC TP ET BBBill Johnson (OH-06) CC TP ETSteve Stivers (OH-15) GW CC TP ETJim Renacci (OH-16) CC TP ET BBBob Gibbs (OH-18) GW CC BC RI TP ET BBRob Portman (OH-SEN) TPJames Lankford (OK-05) GW CC BC TP ETMike Kelly (PA-03) CC TP ETPat Meehan (PA-07) CC TP ETMike Fitzpatrick (PA-08) CC TP ETTom Marino (PA-10) CC BC RI TP ET BBLou Barletta (PA-11) CC BC RI TP ETPat Toomey (PA-SEN) GW TP ETTim Scott (SC-01) CC TP ET BBJeff Duncan (SC-03) BC RI TPTrey Gowdy (SC-04) GW CC TP ET BBMick Mulvaney (SC-05) GW CC TP ET BBKristi Noem (SD-AL) GW CC TP ETChuck Fleischman (TN-03) BC RI TP ETScott DesJarlais (TN-04) CC BC RI TP ET BBDiane Black (TN-06) GW CC BC RI TP ETStephen Fincher (TN-08) CC TP ETBill Flores (TX-17) CC BC RI TP ET BBFrancisco Canseco (TX-23) CC TPBlake Farenthold (TX-27) GW BBMike Lee (UT-SEN) CC BC TP ET BBScott Rigell (VA-02) GW CC BC RI TPRobert Hurt (VA-05) GW CC TP ETMorgan Griffith (VA-09) GW CC TP ETKeith Fimian* (VA-11) GW CC TP ET BBJohn Koster* (WA-02) GW CC BC RI TP ET BBJamie Herrera (WA-03) CC TP ETDick Muri* (WA-09) GW TP BBDino Rossi* (WA-SEN) GW TP ET BBSean Duffy (WI-07) CC TP ETReid Ribble (WI-08) CC TP ETRon Johnson (WI-SEN) GW CC TP ET BBDavid McKinley (WV-01) GW CC BC RI TP ET BB

*- These races are currently too close to call.

Daily Kos contributor RL Miller contributed research assistance for this post.