REPORT: What Fox Business Channel’s ‘ More Business-Friendly’ Model Means For Television

News Corp. chief Rupert Murdoch has announced that he will launch the new Fox Business Channel (FBC) in the fall. The channel is marketing itself as being “more business-friendly” than its rivals.

Nevermind that FBC’s main rival — CNBC — is dealing with allegations that its star network host had an inappropriate undisclosed relationship with a Citigroup executive. Fox wants to push the limits even further. Fox News chief Roger Ailes explained, “Many times I’ve seen things on CNBC where they are not as friendly to corporations and profits as they should be.”

Neil Cavuto will reportedly oversee content and business coverage at the new service. Here’s a glimpse of what we can look forward to from the new Fox Business Channel:

Cavuto to Paul Krugman on his argument about growing wealth inequality in America: “You are lying to people. That’s what I think that you’re doing.


“Most Americans, when they’re polled on the likability of this president, he polls highly in that regard.”

“The Liberal Media: Out to sabotage the economy?”

“All this hype over global warming could be just that — hype.”

Are immigration protestseconomic terrorism?”

“Did Americans who took Hugo Chavez’s oil today commit treason?”

Democrats “will crush the economy” if they win.

Cavuto explained, “We’re going to be a channel for America — not for old white men with money.” No, instead, FBC will be “entertaining, informative, youthful,” Cavuto pledged. Given his record, we assume that only means more Playmates, pole-dancing, and nearly nude women.