Republican ‘birther’ rappers perform at 9/12 rally.

Self-professed “Republican rapper” Hi-Caliber made an appearance at the anti-Obama 9/12 march on Saturday. Demonstrating his imperfect understanding of Russian history, Hi-Caliber railed against the “communist czars” he perceived to be operating in President Obama’s administration. Not only that, the crowd cheered at a line questioning Obama’s birth certificate:

We need tanks and hummers, not hybrid cars!We need honest politicians, not communist czars! USA, not the USSR.We need more Ann Coulter and less Bill Maher.[…]I don’t need another lecture from the Socialistic hypocrite.Tuesday was your birthday, but where’s your birth certificate?

Watch it:


Hi-Caliber has said his conservative views were formed by right-wing talker Michael Savage. “Here was this guy Michael Savage screaming and ranting and raving about illegal immigration Islamofascism and you know it all started to click and make sense,” explained Hi-Caliber to the Daily Beast’s Max Blumenthal earlier this year.