Republican Gov. Huntsman says GOP leaders opposing recovery are engaging in ‘gratuitous political griping.’

Gov. John Huntsman (R-UT) has broken with his GOP colleagues and will accept all of the federal recovery funds for his state. In an interview with MSNBC today, Huntsman took a swipe at his colleagues who oppose the recovery, saying they were simply engaging in “gratuitous political griping”:

Q: So why don’t you do what Gov. Jindal is doing and refuse the money that has to do with unemployment benefits? […]

HUNTSMAN: As far as I’m concerned, the debate has been had, the vote has been taken, the money is being sent. … It’s about bold solutions and pragmatic approaches that make us [Republicans] pre-eminent as opposed to kind of gratuitous political griping. We’re taking it because we have some holes to fill in our budget.

When pressed by Norah O’Donnell, Huntsman tried to walk back his statement. “Bobby Jindal is great,” he said, claiming he was trying to “refer generally to Republican responses to issues of the day.” Watch it:


Republican Govs. Bobby Jindal (LA), Mark Sanford (SC), Butch Otter (ID), Sarah Palin (AK), Sonny Perdue (GA), Rick Perry (TX), and Bob Riley (AL) have also suggested they may turn down some recovery funds.