Republican Offices Have Fewer Women In High-Paying Jobs

A new report from National Journal shows a huge pay disparity between men and women on Capitol Hill — a disparity that is far larger in Republican offices than it is in Democratic ones.

The real-dollar disparity, on average, between male and female Republicans working in the House of Representatives and the Senate is about $10,000. National Journal offers the key findings from the report:

  • For all House staff, women made on average $5,862.56 less annually than men.
  • Female Republican House staff made on average $10,093.09 less annually than male Republican House staff.
  • For all Senate staff, women made $7,277.69 less annually on average than male staff.
  • Female Republican Senate staff made on average $9,805.85 less annually than male Republican Senate staff.

Off the bat, it’s easy to conclude that women are paid less than men for doing the same job. But it’s actually more complicated than that: Republican women don’t make as much, on average, because they tend to hold lower-paying positions than the men in their field.

Men and women are paid roughly the same amount in government. That means, particularly for Republicans, there are more women in administrative roles and fewer female Legislative Directors or Chiefs of Staff, for example:

And it’s not as though there is a lack of experienced women: Women are earning more graduate and bachelors’ degrees than men, make up nearly half the workforce, and are a majority of DC residents.


But women in Washington politics will be the first to tell you that discrimination exists. Fifty one percent of women polled for the National Journal report believe they have been discriminated against based on their gender, including being passed over for promotions, and 73 percent said men have more opportunities in DC.