Republicans, Local Governments Endorse Marriage Equality Effort In Washington State

Momentum is building for marriage equality in Washington state, just days after Gov. Chris Gregoire (D) announced her evolution toward same-sex marriage and pledged to legalize the practice before the end of the legislative session. As Pam’s House Blend chronicles, Republicans and local governments are now echoing Gregoire’s call for equality:

— Two Republicans come out for marriage: Sen. Cheryl Pflug (R) joins state Sen. Steve Litzow (R) to become the second Republican to support same-sex marriage. “I do not feel diminished by having another human being experience the same freedom I am entitled to exercise. I would feel diminished by denying another human the ability to exercise those same rights and freedoms,” she said in a statement.

— Republican AG candidate supports marriage: Republican Attorney General candidate Reagan Dunn says he will back efforts to legalize same-sex marriage, joining Democratic challenger Bob Ferguson, who already supports the initiative.

— Largest county endorses marriage: All five Democrats and three of the four Republicans on the King County Council endorsed the marriage equality bill. King is the most populous county in Washington.


— Tacoma City Council to vote on marriage: Councilman Ryan Mello announced that he “will be introducing an amendment to our State legislative agenda to indicate Tacoma’s full support for marriage equality in Washington in this short session.”

A poll conducted by the University of Washington Center for Survey Research in October found that 55 percent of voters in Washington “would support a state gay marriage law if it’s approved by the Legislature.” A substantial percentage of people who prefer ‘domestic partnership’ also said they would vote yes to keep same sex marriage if passed by the legislature, including “54 percent of self-described Independents and 57 percent of self-described moderates.”