Republicans To Protest Obama By Firing Bullets ‘Into A Beat-Up Car Bearing Anti-Freedom Policy Ideas’

From tea bags to death panels, from thick thousand page binders to “don’t tread on me” signs, Republicans have developed some creative ways to visually represent their opposition to health care reform. Now, a conservative group has invited Pennsylvania candidates for Senate and the governorship “to a shooting range to fire bullets into a junker that represents policy ideas it opposes.”

The Commonwealth Foundation is billing its FreePA event as a “celebration of the freedoms we enjoy but are under attack by Harrisburg and Washington” which embodies “a healthy love for the right to keep and bear arms, and CF’s habit of welcoming debate on the issues”:

The truth is that the opponents of our principles are the ones who refuse to engage in civil discourse about our pressing public policy problems. They know that their anti-freedom agenda is being rejected by the general public, so they won’t show up to public events like LiveFreePA and explain why they want to take away your rights and monitor your behavior, and then tell you and your family how to live your lives. Not only that, now they’re talking to the newspapers proclaiming how you should spend your Saturday on May 8th.

You know what? If I were a nanny-stater, I wouldn’t show up either. And I sure wouldn’t want you to come, have a good time, and show these politicians what gun safety and a sense of humor look like, and be encouraged to keep fighting for freedom. That’s why I hope you’ll join us May 8th to pump a few rounds (or fire a cannon…) into a beat-up car bearing anti-freedom policy ideas like “ObamaCare,” “Card Check,” “Cap and Trade,” and other failed, wealth-redistributionist ideas.


The group has invited “10 Republican and Democratic candidates to the May 8 event at a Lancaster County shooting range,” and so far all four Republicans and one Democrat, Jack Wagner, have confirmed that they’re attending. Admission is $65 for shooters and includes breakfast, lunch, beer, shooting activities and cigars!