Read and resist: The essential books for activists in the Trump era

“This Is an Uprising,” by Paul and Mark Engler, is suggested “resistance reading” by Bill McKibben. CREDIT:

The presidency of Donald Trump provides daily outrages — from his ongoing assault on domestic and global climate action to his firing Tuesday of FBI director James Comey — that have spurred a “resistance” movement.

In a series titled Resistance Reading, Mother Jones talks to authors, activists, and others for book recommendations “that bring solace or understanding in this age of rancor.”

For people in the climate movement, there are many suggestions, including mine, that can offer wisdom and insight into our current political situation.

“We’re in an age of protest,” says Bill McKibben, founder of and one of the world’s best writers on climate. He recommends:

Margaret Atwood, Twitter fan and author of dystopian classics like “The Handmaid’s Tale” wants you to read:

McSweeney’s founder Dave Eggers — author of the 2013 dystopian novel (and now movie), “The Circle,” as well as “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius,” has two recommendations:

My own recommendations focus on collections of short essays:

Trump’s twin wars on climate and democracy are really inseparable at this point, and both can lead to dystopia. His climate policies could create dozens of failed states south of the U.S. border and around the world, as I’ve discussed. They could lead to hundreds of millions of refugees and more authoritarian demagogues like Trump himself.

So all those who resist Trump need to understand how people can fight back against his totalitarian instincts. The above recommendations are a good place to start.