Resolving to Kiss Carbon Emissions Goodbye

If you have yet to decide on a New Years resolution, try going carbon neutral or energy efficient. Giving the gift of carbon neutrality was a popular holiday item, but you can do more.

A recent article in Mother Jones featured the work of John Schellnhuber, a UK scientist who has declared twelve tipping points that may reveal the fate of climate change’s impact. Mother Jones, however, added a thirteenth: a shift from denial to responsibility.

In that spirit, both the Climate Future Group and the Carbon Footprint website have information for individuals looking for pragmatic, simple ways to reduce their imprint. From changing your light bulbs, to resetting your water heater, your home, workplace and commute are crawling with ways to improve your energy efficiency.

Check them out and under the mistletoe, as you welcome 2007, tip toward responsibility, and encourage policymakers to do the same.