Is Richard Spencer’s final fundraising outlet imploding?

Angry customers, broken promises, and the apparent collapse of MakerSupport.

How will white supremacists raise money now? CREDIT: YOUTUBE
How will white supremacists raise money now? CREDIT: YOUTUBE

After they were kicked off of traditional fundraising sites like Patreon, and after white supremacist-oriented sites like Hatreon collapsed, America’s young white supremacists found themselves with few options for raising money.

For a few months, it appears that MakerSupport, a page founded by Purdue University student Conner Douglass, would be the last, best hope for white supremacists. As Richard Spencer said, MakerSupport “is all we’ve got.”

So much for all that. If the past two weeks are any indicator, support for MakerSupport has collapsed, with the site both ignoring users’ questions and preventing them from accessing their money.

Multiple users have complained over the previous days, both on Twitter and YouTube, about MakerSupport’s decision not to send donations to assorted clients, which range from PizzaGate conspiracists to Holocaust deniers to a self-described “celebrity roboticist.”


According to MakerSupport, the problem stems from issues with Stripe, a company that helps process online payments. (Others who have taken advantage of Stripe’s services include Milo Yiannopoulos.) As the site wrote two weeks ago, “Stripe is conducting a routine review of the platform and has put a short hold on payouts. They assured us that once their review is complete, all payouts will be resumed. They told us that the review will be completed in the next 4-5 days.”

However, there has been no update on the site since then. And users are growing restless.

Comments on MakerSupport’s site are no better. As a sample:

— “Well, I guess it’s  time to find a new platform.”

— “Cancelling maker support [sic] account.”

— “Conner Douglass is stealing the donations to content creators in the alt-community, both left & right. It’s just another scam, a combination of a pyramid & Ponzi scheme. This has been going on for months. He gives the same lame excuse every time, blaming Stripe for his theft. This time Stripe got wind of it & is fed up. This is a massive fraud.”


Last Friday on Twitter, MakerSupport said it “apologizes for the pause in payouts,” and that they “hope to have a final word within a week.” There have been no updates since. (MakerSupport did not respond to ThinkProgress’ request for comment.)

Elsewhere, MakerSupport users on YouTube have called on supporters to stop sending donations via MakerSupport. As one cried, “Your money is locked up! My money is locked up!” Another posted a video entitled “MakerSupport Is Stealing Money From My Donation Account!!!!”

The apparent collapse of MakerSupport is, of course, the latest in a litany of setbacks for America’s young white supremacists. Not only have they been booted from all other fundraising platforms, but Spencer has seen a wholesale collapse in interest from potential recruits, watching few turn out on his recent tour, with his lawyer forced to shut down a side-project alongside. But if the site was, as Spencer said, all that young white supremacists had, then it appears they’ve got nothing left — and few means of income, if any, moving forward.