Rick Perry Appointee Tweets A Picture Of A Noose, Accuses Pro-Gun Regulation Senators Of ‘Treason’

A Texas regulator, who has been appointed to several positions in the state government by Governor Rick Perry, recently tweeted a message accusing 16 Republicans who had voted for cloture on the Senate gun violence prevention bill of treason, and displaying their names next to a picture of a noose.

Barry Smitherman currently serves as the Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission, a position he gained after Perry appointed him to the board. Smitherman will be up for reelection in 2014, but in the meantime appears to be dabbling in national politics:

The original message that Smitherman retweeted originates with The Psychotic Scrivener, which has also posted messages like “…we have communists in control of Congress, and also a communist President, all just barking their heads off, snarling and foaming at the their mouths like rabid dogs — wanting to rip into our Bill of Rights and tear them to shreds.”


We have reached out to Perry’s office to request a comment on Smitherman’s Tweet. If they respond, we will add an update to this post including their response.

(HT: Alex Seitz-Wald)