Rick Perry Issues Nasty Statement Condemning Obama’s Push To Protect LGBT Human Rights

Rick Perry has condemned the Obama administration’s announcement that it will prioritize LGBT rights in its foreign policy, writing, “Just when you thought Barack Obama couldn’t get any more out of touch with America’s values, AP reports his administration wants to make foreign aid decisions based on gay rights”:

“This administration’s war on traditional American values must stop.

“I have proposed a foreign aid budget that starts at zero. From that zero baseline, we will consider aid requests based solely on America’s national security interests.

“But there is a troubling trend here beyond the national security nonsense inherent in this silly idea. This is just the most recent example of an administration at war with people of faith in this country. Investing tax dollars promoting a lifestyle many Americas of faith find so deeply objectionable is wrong.


President Obama has again mistaken America’s tolerance for different lifestyles with an endorsement of those lifestyles. I will not make that mistake.”

Of course, the United States isn’t attacking people of faith. Rather, it is promising to pursue and protect universal human rights — which, as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pointed out in a speech today, include the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender peoples. “[R]eligious belief and practice is a vital source of meaning and identity and fundamental to who we are as people and likewise for most of us the bonds of love and family that we forge are also vital sources of meaning and identity and caring for others is an expression of what it means to be fully human,” she said. “It is because the human experience is universal that Human Rights are universal and cut across all religions and cultures.”


Rick Santorum has joined Perry in condemning Obama’s efforts:

I would suggest that we give out humanitarian aid based on humanitarian need, not based on whether people are promoting their particular agenda. Obviously the administration is promoting their particular agenda in this country, and now they feel its their obligation to promote those values not just in the military, not just in our society, but now around the world with taxpayer dollars.

He said he’s for traditional marriage, and now he’s promoting gay lifestyles and gay rights, and he’s fighting against traditional marriage within the courts, and I think he needs to be honest.


The Log Cabin Republicans take a swing at Perry: “With all due respect, Governor Perry is wrong. Speaking out for the basic human rights of LGBT people to life and liberty is anything but ‘at war with American values,’” said R. Clarke Cooper, Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director.