Rick Perry presents an award to ‘brother’ Limbaugh and proclaims: ‘God bless Rush Limbaugh.’

Last Thursday, Rush Limbaugh came to Texas for a “pep rally” in support for Governor Rick Perry and Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX). Both Republicans have championed Limbaugh’s call to make President Obama fail: McCaul has called on the tea party protesters to shed the blood of the tyrannical Obama administration and Perry has repeatedly said that Texas might have to secede from the nation. Limbaugh accepted Perry’s offer of an Honorary Texan award with an awkward fist bump/hand shake:

PERRY: And you said something on your radio station that you thought you ought to pack up and move to Texas. [cheers] When when you get here brother, you an honorary Texan. God bless Rush Limbaugh.

Watch it:


As Perry held Limbaugh tightly to present him with the award, McCaul stood behind the two cheering and clapping the entire time. (HT: Burnt Orange Report, Huffington Post)