Rick Perry Questions Obama’s Patriotism

Speaking to reporters tonight following an event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Texas Governor Rick Perry appeared to question President Obama’s patriotism. In response to a question from Danny Yadron of the Wall Street Journal, who asked Perry if he was suggesting that Obama didn’t love this country, Perry replied: “I dunno, you need to ask him.” Watch it:

Earlier in the evening, Perry also made a violent threat against Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.



The Wall Street Journal’s Danny Yadron also reports that Perry doubled down on comments he made over the weekend when he said he was running for president to make sure servicemembers have a commander-in-chief who they can respect. Tonight, the WSJ reports that Perry said:

I think people who have had the same experiences connect with people who have had the same experiences. That’s human nature. If you polled the military, the active duty and veterans, and said ‘would you rather have a president of the United States that never served a day in the military or someone who is a veteran?’ They’ve going to say, I would venture, that they would like to have a veteran.”

The president had the opportunity to serve his country. I’m sure at some time he made the decision that isn’t what he wanted to do.