Rick Perry to Bush: ‘There is no way to tell how many lives were protected by your fearless pro-life efforts.’

Yesterday, the Prestonwood Baptist Church held a “Friends for Life” fundraiser benefiting the Prestonwood’s Pregnancy Center. The guest of honor was former President Bush, with 10-person tables going for as much as $2,500. A consultant for the pregnancy center explained the decision to honor Bush: “The fact that he was the most pro-life president since Ronald Reagan is very significant.” Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Gov. Rick Perry — who are locked in a heated battle for the state’s Republican gubernatorial nod — both attended the event, which was closed to the media. Hutchison did not speak at the event, but Perry did, praising all the “lives” Bush “protected” while in office:

According to an outline of his remarks provided before the benefit, Perry said, “I feel like I am in the garrison of an army that has devoted itself to the defense of the unborn.”

His remarks also thanked Bush. “There is no way to tell how many lives were protected by your fearless pro-life efforts,” Perry’s speech said.

Bush also recently received another pro-life award, given to him by a Catholic group called Legatus in California. The announcement attracted criticism, with groups and individuals saying that Bush shouldn’t be considered “pro-life” because of his record on “[p]reemptive war, torture, a reckless disregard for the environment and economic policies that left the poor farther behind.”