Rick Perry’s Stirring Progressive Defense Of Higher Education For Undocumented Children

I wrote last week that rather than trying to walk away from his pro-immigrant “gaffe” at the debate a few weeks ago, Rick Perry may as well accept that the damage is done and try to defend a pro-immigrant record on the merits. My colleague Scott Keyes shot a video of him doing a version of that at a townhall in Hampton, New Hampshire on Saturday morning:

Perry hits on two key points here. One is that kids are kids, even if they were brought into the country illegally by their parents some years ago. So general considerations about the merits of educating children still apply. The second is that investing in human capital pays off. It’s much better for Texas to pay the up-front costs of educating people than to suffer the downstream consequences of a low-wage workforce. Put the two together and letting all Texas teenagers, including undocumented ones, have access to the Texas public universities system should be a no-brainer.