Right-wing activist: Being gay is an ‘unhealthy’ lifestyle — like being obese.

The New Jersey Coalition to Preserve and Protect Marriage (NJCPPM) is one of the right-wing groups pushing to stop marriage equality efforts in the state. Earlier this week, the group spoke to reporters about “traditional values,” during which time a NJCPPM associate said that being gay is “very unhealthy” — like being obese:

Jim White with the Knights of Columbus is a NJCPPM associate. He says, “Never until now has anyone thought that marriage should be between the people of the same sex. Frankly, the government does not have the right to meddle with marriage.” He adds, “It’s also a well-know[n] fact that the homosexual lifestyle or homosexual practice is very unhealthy. Government should discourage it and not elevate it to a level by calling it marriage. In an age where we worry about people being overweight and going after them and the government interfering in that, what is the government doing promoting a lifestyle that is inherently unhealthy?