Right-Wing Agitprop Illegally Uses Photos Of Young ‘Socialist’ Obama

The National Republican Trust PAC’s race-baiting agitprop “Breaking Point” uses photographs, without permission, of President Barack Obama as a young man in order to portray him as a grinning, smoking “socialist” who wants to “confiscate” money from white families. The photographs, taken by college friend Lisa Jack, now a psychology professor at Augsberg College, appear in a montage which implies that Obama plans to “confiscate” money from working white families and give it to young black men like he once was:

Whose wealth is to be . . . . . . spread around? And who would be the beneficiaries of the money . . . . . . Obama planned to confiscate? It wasn’t the only time Obama displayed tendencies that some labeled ‘socialist.’Obama images © Lisa Jack

ThinkProgress research has found that stations were paid to run “Breaking Point” in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Iowa, and Kentucky. According to the organization’s head, Scott Wheeler, the smear program has also run in Delaware, Alaska, and Florida — all within the last week.

With the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision — which “Breaking Point” argues is a key victory for free speech — organizations with no disclosure or limits on funding could illegally use intellectual property such as Dr. Jack’s with impunity in October 2012.

The legal department of Getty Images, the company which handles the licensing for Dr. Jack’s photographs of President Obama, is now investigating.


Gawker’s John Cook noted the extensive use of Fox News footage in the smearvertorial, and asked their legal department if they will pursue Scott Wheeler with the same zeal that they went after Democrat Robin Carnahan:

Dianne Brandi, Fox News’ executive vice president of legal and business affairs, says, “We were not aware of this until it was brought to our attention today and we’re currently in the process of reviewing it.” We bet they give it two thumbs up, but we’ll let you know if they sue.


,Ron Inman, the general manager of ABC’s Greensboro, NC affiliate WXLV, tells ThinkProgress that he and the station’s corporate attorney approved the broadcast of the film.


,”Breaking Point” ran on the Tribune Company’s WGN superstation this morning at 2 AM.