Right Wing Enters Second Stage Of Climate Solution Acceptance: Anger

President Bush is prepared today to deliver his “rational, balanced approach to these serious challenges” of energy use and global warming. Earlier this week, members of the Bush administration met with members on the Hill on the issue, and then gave the scoop to the right-wing Washington Times. What Bush is offering — the goal of capping emissions by 2025 — is worse than what he claimed he would do in 2000 as the Republican nominee for president. Since that day, the administration has stripmined the economy and the environment at the behest of the energy industry. Aware of his lame duck status, Bush has moved on from denial to bargaining.

The core of the right wing, however, is still in denial, and the prospect of Bush leaving their camp has thrown them into incoherent rage.

Iain Murray at the National Review’s Corner blog:

I cannot emphasize too much how idiotic this is. At a time when the poor of the country and the world are feeling the twin crunches of credit being withdrawn and food and energy prices rising, jacking up energy prices farther will just add insult to injury. The fat cat traders of Wall Street will be licking their lips, of course. Meanwhile, House and Senate Republicans and (yes, some) Democrats who have stood up for the American consumer against this insanity will be left hanging. Those who voted for Bush in the mistaken belief they wouldn’t get Gore’s policies will have been betrayed. The political center on energy and environment will be jerked massively to the left. Some acheivement [sic].


Mr. Bush, if you think this will secure your legacy, you are right. Your legacy will be just one word: Recession.

People need to get very, very angry about this. I know I am.

Tony Blankley in the Washington Times:

Just as an increasing number of scientists are finding their courage to speak out against the global warming alarmists, and just as a building body of evidence and theories challenge the key elements of the human-centric carbon-based global warming theories — President Bush takes this moment to say in effect: “We are all global alarmists now.” […]

All he can do is set the stage for next year’s legislation, by giving away the rhetorical store and weakening the already modest backbone of Republican legislators.

The liberal world order will not let go of their global-warming assault on free economies until hell freezes over — by which point, obviously, the global-warming theory will be visibly disproven.

Chris Horner at the National Review’s Planet Gore blog admits the right wing’s real fear:

[T]he president will have caused harm by embracing the global-warming agenda, regardless of the specifics of what he calls for today. The moment he legitimizes the agenda, he will have lost control of the issue.