Right-Wing Fringe Rebels Against Palin Over Her Endorsement Of ‘RINO’ McCain

Since she was picked as Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) running mate, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has been one of the right’s most beloved political figures. But when Palin announced last week that she would campaign for McCain in his reelection primary battle against ultra-conservative former congressman J.D. Hayworth, some of her most vocal supporters were outraged that she would endorse McCain, who they see as a Republican in Name Only (RINO).

On Friday, Paul Streitz, the co-founder of the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee — a group trying to get Palin to run for president in 2012 — sent out an e-mail slamming Palin for supporting McCain:

She has now chose to align herself with several bad actors. What should this be called, the Rinoization of Sarah Palin. […]

She is certainly entitled to write a book and make money for her and her family, but other than what has she has done to support Republican and patriotic candidates. … Perhaps, Sarah was too busy talking to her agent about her Fox deal. Where the hell was Sarah?

Streitz is no longer involved with the Draft Sarah Committee, which condemned his e-mail, but he is not alone in his view. Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin wrote on her blog that “Tea Party activists are rightly outraged by Sarah Palin’s decision to campaign for McCain, whose entrenched incumbency and progressive views are anathema to the movement.”


On his radio show yesterday, Fox News host Glenn Beck told a caller upset by Palin’s move that “This Sarah Palin thing really bothers me.” “I am absolutely no fan of John McCain,” Beck said. “I want to have another sit down with her. How does she believe he is a good man when everyone in his organization trashed her?”

Thomas Lamb at Red Country called the endorsement Palin’s “political Waterloo.” He added that “by Palin supporting McCain, she is supporting an enemy to [the Tea Party] movement and by de facto, becomes the enemy.” In a post titled “Yes, Sarah Palin is a RINO” on the Christian-right blog RealityCheck, ZbigniewMazurak called McCain “a despicable traitor” and wrote that by endorsing him, “Palin has proven that she IS for sale.” “I was a fan of Palin myself,” he added. “But I’m now convinced that she’s not a conservative, nor is she a politician qualified for the Presidency of the United States. … No real conservative would ever endorse McCain for the Senate.”

Moreover, nearly every comment on Palin’s Facebook post announcing her endorsement of McCain is negative. Some examples:

— Sarah has made it clear that her loyality to a Liberal RINO Duck McCain, is more important then her loyality to the Stability of the country and the Conservative Folk.

I am so sorry to hear that you are supporting John McCain. He is the ultimate RINO that the Tea Party movement is trying to expose. How can you accept $100k from the Tea Party movement and support John McCain?

I would NEVER vote for John McCain. Why are you endorsing him, Sarah? I like you, but on this, I must question your motives.

YOU had my FULL support, but now — NO!!! ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! If you support [McCain] — forget about it!!!!

Will Palin bow to the right-wing fringe and cut and run from the man who plucked her from relative obscurity?