Right-wing publications receive exclusive credentials to cover the Tea Party Convention.

Having previously announced that the National Tea Party Convention would be closed to the press, organizers announced yesterday that they would reverse course. However, the Nashville Post reports that only five media organizations will receive credentials for the entire convention, and they all conveniently happen to be right-wing outlets:

The five approved outlets are: Fox News,,, World Net Daily and The Wall Street Journal. All five are widely considered to be Right-leaning organizations.

The press release explains that the requests for credentials have been overwhelming and that to preserve the nature of the event they are limiting press availability.

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin will deliver a key note address at the convention and has asked that all media be allowed to cover it. On Tuesday, organizers pledged to adhere to her request but clarified that only the specially credentialed media would have access to the entire event.


Nick McClellan