Right Wing Swiftboats Generals Who Called on Rumsfeld to Resign

The right has wasted no time impugning the character and motivations of the seven generals who have spoken out against Secretary Rumsfeld. Right-wing bloggers, columnists, and television hosts have accused the generals of hurting troop morale, harboring personal grievances, chasing book deals and generally having partisan motivations.

Most generals, however, are not political appointees of any sort. While Defense secretaries have had the prerogative to nominate four-star generals and admirals (only one of the generals who have spoken out — Zinni — is four-star), the selection of one-, two- and three-star officers has been left to each service’s normal selection and promotion procedures.

Some lowlights —

The American Thinker:


Like so many CanCan dancers strutting their shapely legs before a lustful audience, the Clinton generals seem to be auditioning for the next Democrat administration…But seeing retired general officers pick up the pompoms and cheerleading for the Democrats is really over the top: it shows nothing but contempt for military honor and tradition.


A number of retired Generals have recently criticized SecDef Rumsfeld and demanded his departure. Big Lizards has a very interesting take on these ex-military types, including their Clintonoid backgrounds, plodding lack of originality in military matters, inefficiency, and outright dishonesty when comparing their statements before the Iraq War began and more recent statements on the situation in the Middle East.

Fox News:

Retired Generals Targeting Rumsfeld: Hurting Troop Morale?

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review Online:

Currently, there are many retired generals appearing in frenetic fashion on television…Apart from the ethical questions involved in promoting a book or showcasing a media appearance during a time of war by offering an “inside” view unknown to others of the supposedly culpable administration of the military, what is striking is the empty nature of these controversies rehashed ad nauseam.

The only thing the right has proven is that it’s willing to attack anyone who disagrees with the President.