Rihanna is Hot!

10:07 Now the party starts. Rihanna rocks Japan! Must confess I never heard of her before. For those similarly uninformed about this rising star, she is a “sultry R&B/reggae/dancehall queen” who was “born in Barbados, but raised in New York.”

10:12 And what eco-event would be complete without eco-model Summer Rayne Oakes hawking eco-beauty products?

10:30 Specially commissioned global warming music video, “Hey You,” by Madonna. Nice job.

10:35 You go 12 girls band! They play clips from classical tracks like Beethoven’s Fifth with a modern spin using traditional Chinese instruments. Here’s more info on them and their unusal instruments:


One of the most unusual and exciting acts in the Asian music world, the 12 Girls Band is just that, a dozen young women who play compositions on traditional Chinese instruments such as the pipa (a lute that resembles a pear), the erhu (the Chinese Violin, and the hulusi (a three-pied gourd flute). The members were selected from a pool of over 4000 entrants, and in the past five years have released over ten records. They are truly something to see and hear, a swirl of timeless melody and symphony of sound.