RNC Chair Candidate Ann Wagner: ‘We Should Not Be Raising The Debt Ceiling’

With the all-important debt ceiling vote looming in the next few months, more GOPers are making their feelings known about the issue. A few conservatives have rightly chastised their Republican brethren for playing games with the debt ceiling and possibly forcing the nation to default on our debt. They include former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R), who called such a move “naïve,” and incoming House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), who said that those GOPers who vote against raising the debt ceiling and risk a government shutdown will be seen as “yahoos.” Unfortunately, many on the right are ignoring these warnings and instead pitching their tents in the Shutdown Caucus by refusing to raise the national debt ceiling.

Now, one of the candidates to become the next RNC Chairman, former Missouri Republican Chair Ann Wagner, is taking a firm stance on whether her party should fight against raising the debt ceiling. In an interview at the first RNC Chairman debate, Wagner told ThinkProgress, “no, we should not be raising the debt ceiling”:

TP: One of the things that I know is going to be a real big issue coming up and I know Chairman Steele has been outspoken about is the debt ceiling. He said that the GOP is just not going to compromise on that. Is that a call you’d be comfortable joining him in?

WAGNER: No no, I will tell you I believe that the Congress and our new Speaker and leadership will be tackling issues like that. I know for sure what we have to do is rein in spending and this soaring debt. We cannot turn into Greece or — I think Ireland is now on the verge of this also. It’s very important that we bring our debt down. […]


TP: But in order to do that, do you think the next move would be to raise the debt ceiling, or […] (crosstalk)

WAGNER: No, we should not be raising the debt ceiling. But I will leave that to Congress to navigate over the next Congress here.

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