RNC drops Giuliani as keynote convention speaker.

The AP reports:

Republicans revamped their convention plans for a second day, dropping former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani as keynote speaker Tuesday night while trying to determine President Bush’s role in the political pageantry celebrating John McCain’s candidacy for president.

In Giuliani’s speaking slot were former Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee, one of McCain’s rivals for the Republican nomination, and independent Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, the Democrats’ vice presidential candidate in 2000 and now a McCain supporter. Republicans say the two will talk about McCain’s life and their friendship with him.

According to Fox News, Thompson will be speaking in the slot previously reserved for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA), who is no longer attending the convention. Schwarzenegger’s original speech has been “amended and edited in Fred Thompson’s voice.” Convention planners say Giuliani may address the gathering on Wednesday or Thursday.



President Bush will be addressing the convention tonight via satellite, at approximately 8:51 PM CT.