RNC spokesperson says Comey is a total liar, but his book exonerates Trump

Kayleigh McEnany says we should believe him that Trump is innocent. He never said that.

RNC spokesperson Kayleigh McEneny
RNC spokesperson Kayleigh McEneny on Fox News on Friday. CREDIT: Fox News screenshot

The Republican National Committee has been working overtime this week to brand former FBI Director James Comey as a liar with a “complete lack of credibility” whose new book A Higher Loyalty should not be believed. But in a Fox News appearance on Friday, the committee’s spokesperson attempted to claim both that Comey is untrustworthy and simultaneously that he has cleared Trump of all wrong doing.

RNC flak Kayleigh McEnany told host Eric Shawn that even several Democratic leaders once criticized Comey for his handling of the Clinton investigation, so the criticisms of Donald Trump in his new book should not be believed. “The fact is Democrats have admitted, James Comey is not credible, even The Washington Post said he severely damaged his reputation. This is someone who will lie to no end to advance his own self-promotion, and not that of the betterment of our country and this presidency.”

But moments later, she misleadingly cited a passage in the book in which Comey wrote that the behavior he saw from Trump “while disturbing and violating basic norms of ethical leadership, may fall short of being illegal,” to suggest that this exonerated Trump and his campaign of any collusion with Russia or obstruction of justice. Comey, of course, did not do an investigation of either, though his firing was itself possibly a form of obstruction.


“We know he is biased against Trump. That we know,” McEneny claimed, “And nevertheless he clears Trump of obstruction.”


She then proposed that since even the untrustworthy Comey said he didn’t know if Trump had done anything criminal, Special Counsel Robert Mueller should no longer be allowed to investigate the Trump campaign’s Russia ties.

“No collusion! no obstruction!” she concluded, repeating one of Trump’s favorite claims. “This president is clear. So why don’t we stop this Special Counsel witch hunt after him?”

To date, Mueller has indicated or obtained guilty pleas from at least 22 people and entities.