RNC memo: ‘[E]ngage in every activity we can to slow down’ health care.

After following GOP pollster Frank Luntz’s advice to demonize President Obama’s health care plan by distorting it, many conservatives have recently embraced a new obstructionist tactic: delay any reform measure going through Congress for as long as possible. The Republican National Committee is giving the strategy its official stamp of approval. In a 12-page memo obtained by the Huffington Post, the RNC urges Republicans to “engage in every activity we can to slow down” health care reform:

In particular, the 12-page memo makes the case that it is a Republican priority to slow down the consideration of health care reform before it can become codified.

“The Republican National Committee will engage in every activity we can to slow down this mad rush while promoting sensible alternatives that address health care costs and preserve quality,” the memo affirmatively declares.

The memo also encourages members to organize town halls, write op-eds, and even engage in “street theater” protests outside Democratic events. “And in a bit of irony,” Huffington Post notes, “the memo’s authors encourage readers to frame the president as the one acting out of political motivations.” Indeed, one section of the memo reads, “Yes the party of change is up to the same old political tricks.”


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