Roberts Was “Prominent Member” of Federalist Society

John Roberts and the White House are still refusing to explain why Roberts first denied having ties to the right-wing Federalist Society.

Yesterday, Newsweek said “the episode illustrates just how far the Bush administration is going to portray Roberts as an ideological blank slate, in hopes of shielding him from questions about whether he is too conservative from Democrats seeking clues to his judicial philosophy.” The Boston Globe added that the stonewalling has conservative groups “worried that the White House had created a stigma that could attach itself to many leading conservative lawyers.”

Now, today, more evidence of Roberts’ role in the Society. A 7/19/99 report in The Recorder, a daily legal newspaper, refers to Roberts as a “prominent member” of the organization.

Advocates of limiting federal powers and expanding states’ prerogatives cheered this term’s [Supreme Court] federalism rulings, which were issued in a jam-packed, tension-filled courtroom on the justices’ final business day before leaving town for their summer recess.


“The court once again reiterated that states are serious players in our system of government,” said John Roberts Jr., a lawyer with Washington, D.C. ‘s Hogan & Hartson and a prominent member of the conservative Federalist Society.

It’s time for Roberts to come clean.