Roll Call claims Republicans have put their culture war ‘knives away,’ but they haven’t.

In an article titled “GOP Puts Away Knives in Culture Wars,” Roll Call reports this morning that “social issues have taken a back seat to economic concerns as the GOP struggles to find its way.” Acknowledging that prominent Republicans have pushed culture war attacks against President Obama and congressional Democrats, the paper still argues that Republicans have a “lack of interest” in “reigniting the culture wars”:

Congressional Republicans said the lack of focus on social matters is simply a result of being the minority party during one of the nation’s worst economic slumps.

The general lack of interest among Republicans in reigniting the culture wars is particularly visible in the Senate, where leadership has actively sought to keep the Conference’s message on the economy and away from divisive social issues.

“I can’t imagine how out of touch people would think we are if we weren’t focused on the economy,” one GOP leadership aide said.


But the fact is, many of the conservative attacks on President Obama’s economic recovery plan have been based in the culture wars. During the stimulus debate, congressional conservatives attacked family planning provisions and STD prevention provisions. Some, such as Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), even falsely claimed that the bill was “an attack on people of faith.” Clearly, the GOP’s culture war “knives” are still out.