Romm “bombshell” exposes Breakthrough Institute non-bombshell

So the Breakthrough Institute headline on the Nature paper by Roger Pielke, Jr. (debunked here) is

Nature Journal “Bombshell” Exposes Massive Global Warming Technology Gap

I kid you not.

The Breakthrough headline on the paper by Breakthrough Fellow Pielke actually includes a word of praise from Breakthrough Fellow Marty Hoffert! Needless to say, B.I. does not identify that the source of the word “bombshell” is B.I. itself.


The source, of course, is the praise Hoffert gave the paper in the Nature news story on the paper where Nature also amazingly failed to explain both Pielke and Hoffert are Breakthrough Fellows).

What’s next, Breakthrough Institute quoting Pielke’s father?

[For the record, I am the one calling my own post a bombshell, or, I should say, a “bombshell.” Got a problem with that?]

My effort at a screen capture here:

clipped from

Nature Journal “Bombshell” Exposes Massive Global Warming Technology GapBreakthrough Senior Fellow Roger Pielke, Jr., and two other climate experts find that the U.N. IPCC underestimated the global warming technology challenge — it’s twice as large as the world has come to believe. Read the article, the Nature editorial, the press release, the Breakthrough analysis, and Breakthrough’s FAQ.