Romney Confused On Libya, Claims Congress ‘Assented’ To No Fly Zone

This morning in New Hampshire, Mitt Romney appeared confused on Libya, claiming that Congress had “assented” to U.S. participation in a no fly zone. Watch it:

Of course, Congress has not “assented” to the U.S. participation in the no fly zone. Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), in fact, claims that Obama is violating the law by his failing to secure Congressional approval.

In an effort to limit damage from Romney’s error, an anonymous aide told Politico that Romney was referring to the general support “by many members of Congress…for a humanitarian mission that included a no-fly zone.” Romney’s point, according to the aide, was that “Obama should have stuck to that mission instead of muddling it.” Romney echoed this in his remarks, criticizing Obama for “mission creep” for saying we “have to remove Gadhafi.”


Roughly three months ago, when he announced his run for president, Romney supported Obama’s actions in Libya. He criticized Obama, however, for not being forceful enough in calling for the removal of Gadhafi. The LA Times reported on March 25:

“I support military action in Libya,” said former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney — but then he excoriated the specifics of Obama’s policy.

“He calls for the removal of Moammar Gadhafi but then conditions our action on the directions we get from the Arab League and United Nations,” Romney said.

And then, the core of his critique of Obama. “He’s tentative, indecisive, timid and nuanced,” Romney said.

In other words, Romney wanted Obama to be less tentative in calling for Gadhafi’s ouster. It appears that Romney is confused not just about Congress but his own views on Libya.