Romney Interview Directly Contradicts His Previous Statements About Bain Tenure

Mitt Romney told CBS News’s Jan Crawford Friday evening that he did not attend Bain Capital meetings after he left the company in February of 1999 to run the Winter Olympics. But this answer appears to contradict sworn testimony he delivered in 2002 “as part of a hearing to determine whether he had sufficient residency status in Massachusetts to run for governor”:

— 2002: “[T]here were a number of social trips and business trips that brought me back to Massachusetts, board meetings, Thanksgiving and so forth.”

— 2012: “I was in Salt Lake City for three straight years. I don’t recall even coming back once to go to a Bain or management meeting. We were, I was out there running the Olympics and it was a full time job, I can tell you that.”

“Jan, I had no involvement with the management of Bain Capital after 1999,” Romney insisted on Friday.



The Boston Globe reports “The Romney campaign declined to comment on the record about whether the business trips and board meetings were related to Bain Capital obligations.”