Romney Pledges To Repeal Obamacare ‘On Day One’

Mitt Romney has previously suggested that repealing the Affordable Care Act would be “easy” — a dubious claim given that he won’t have the executive authority to eliminate the law, the ability to repeal all of its provisions through reconciliation, or the requisite 60 votes in the Senate to get rid of it outright.

But in the holidays spirit of saying what people (conservative voters) want to hear, he’s not backing down. In fact, during an appearance with Sen. Jon Thune (R-SD) this morning — Thune officially endorsed the former Massachusetts governor — Romney went even further, pledging to repeal the entire law “on day one.” Watch it:


Meanwhile, news broke yesterday that Romney has avoided what would have undoubtedly proven to be a politically uncomfortable referendum on his signature health care law. Massachusetts Against the Individual Mandate — a group of anti-abortion activists — acknowledged that they have failed to secure enough signatures to sponsor a ballot initiative that would have repealed the law’s individual mandate. As Health Care For All’s Brian Rosman notes, “Polls have repeatedly shown supermajority support for the law in general, and majority support for the individual mandate. It’s telling that despite the huge uproar against the mandate in national politics, not a single bill has been introduced in the Massachusetts legislature to repeal the mandate or the health reform law.” Perhaps then, it’s no accident that Romney is trying to eliminate the Affordable Care Act before most people start benefiting from it — even if he hasn’t quite figured out how to carry out that commitment.