Romney: ‘We Ought To Double Guantanamo’

As Crooks and Liars noted, former governor Mitt Romney (R-MA) said tonight that instead of shutting the prison at Guantanamo Bay, “we ought to double Guantanamo,” in part so that detainees “don’t get access to lawyers they get when they’re on our soil.”

ROMNEY: I am glad [detainees] are at Guantanamo. I don’t want them on our soil. I want them on Guantanamo, where they don’t get the access to lawyers they get when they’re on our soil. I don’t want them in our prisons, I want them there. Some people have said we ought to close Guantanamo. My view is we ought to double Guantanamo.

Watch it:


Since its creation over five years ago, the prison at Guantanamo Bay has been a source of human rights abuses that have dangerously tarnished the reputation of the United States. Leaders across the world have called for its closure, including U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and even President Bush’s ally, outgoing-British Prime Minister Tony Blair. President Bush even said, “I’d like to close Guantanamo.


The facility faces widespread criticism at home as well. A poll last year showed that nearly two-thirds of Americans believe the United States “should change the way it treats detainees” to comply with international standards.

UPDATE: National Review’s Kathryn Jean Lopez calls “double Guantanamo” Romney’s “best line of the night.