Romney’s Stadium Speech Today Dwarfed By Obama Stadium Speech In 2008

At this very moment, Mitt Romney is holding an event at Ford Stadium which has failed to attract enough people to come even close to filling it up (in fact, you could fit Romney’s 1,200 person crowd in the 65,000-seat stadium 54 times over). His campaign scrambled to make the event look as full as possible, but largely failed. Photo via Byron York:

Meanwhile, during the same period in the campaign four years ago, President Obama held a rally at the massive XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut that attracted a few more people (the center is much smaller, with a capacity of about 16,000). A photo of the February 4th, 2008 rally via the blog Levers and Pulleys (click on image for full size version):


Two more Obama stadium rallies from February, 2008 via the Obama Flickr page. This one in Madison, Wisconsin on the 12th:


And Cincinnati, Ohio on the 25th: