Ron Paul: Crank Fox Business Host Andrew Napolitano Would Be ‘Grand’ On Supreme Court

In a Fox News interview this morning, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) floated an odd choice for the Supreme Court, Fox host Andrew Napolitano:

PAUL: I really admire Judge Napolitano. . . . I think he would be good in any administration. I think he’d be grand on the Supreme Court.

Watch it:

This kind of poor judgment is hardly surprising for Rep. Paul. When he is not calling the U.S. dollar unconstitutional, Paul is best known for calling pretty much everything the federal government does unconstitutional — including the departments of Energy, Education, Agriculture, Commerce, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, and Labor.


But the real scandal here is the fact that Fox thinks Napolitano has any business whatsoever telling their national audience what the Constitution has to say about anything. Napolitano is Fox News’ in-house tenther, and he is a radical even by the tenther movement’s standards. Among other things, Napolitano believes President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a “swindler” who created an unconstitutional program called Social Security. He also believes that the United States Census is unconstitutional, and once claimed that “the 17th Amendment is the only part of the Constitution that is unconstitutional.”

Yet what Napolitano lacks in actual understanding of the Constitution, he makes up for in sanctimony. In one televised rant, Napolitano attacked President Obama for praising “federal child labor laws, the Clean Air Act, the EPA and the Department of Transportation” because none of these things are “even arguably authorized by the Constitution.”