Rove blasts Abrams in 2,100-word diatribe.

In a more than 2,100-word letter containing 58 separate questions and written on April 13, Karl Rove blasted MSNBC’s Dan Abrams for reporting earlier this month on his alleged involvement in the politicized prosecution of former Alabama governor Don Siegelman, and for using the testimony of Republican operative Jill Simpson. Some excerpts:

— “Did you ever consider that the Governor’s security detail might have taken note of an ample-sized, redheaded woman who kept showing up at his events with a camera?”

— “In fact, it seems you believe that the absence of any concrete evidence is itself evidence of the conspiracy. If you don’t have any proof Karl Rove did it, that absence is proof enough. I am that good.”

— “As a matter of fact, I had other things to occupy my time in the White House in 2002 rather than ‘structuring’ a campaign for an Alabama gubernatorial candidate.”


Perhaps it was at this point that Rove decided to reverse himself and refuse to testify before Congress on the matter.