Rove Chides Clinton For ‘Hiding’ Documents While He Refuses To Turn Over Documents To Congress

In an address to a group of state GOP executive directors at the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting, Karl Rove attacked that “the woman,” Hillary Clinton, for not releasing records of her time in the White House. This, according to Rove, “raises legitimate questions about what she’s hiding”:

And these doubts that she’s raising about her view on the issues has been augmented by her refusal to do what she and her husband could do, and that is release the documents that are hidden in that library about her role in the White House and her failure to say, ‘let’s get them out’ gives the American people a legitimate question about what she’s hiding.

As the subject of a contempt resolution for hiding documents, Rove is hardly one to talk. Just last month, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 12–7 to approve a contempt citation against Rove for withholding information relating to the firing of U.S. attorneys:

The committee subpoenaed Rove and Bolten over the summer as part of its probe into the firing of nine U.S. attorneys last year. Bush, citing executive privilege, refused to allow Rove and Bolten to testify or turn over documents to the panel. Bolten was subpoenaed in his role as custodian of White House records, while Rove called to testify over his knowledge on the role politics played in the firings.

The Senate Judiciary Committee requested Rove’s public testimony on the firings of the prosecutors and issued subpoenas for internal White House e-mails, memos, and other related documents. White House counsel Fred Fielding said Rove “had been directed” by President Bush “not to produce any documents or to produce any testimony.”


Moreover, last April, an RNC lawyer revealed that at least four years’ worth of Rove e-mails are “missing.” Congress has sought — unsuccessfully — to recover the “lost” emails from Rove.

Why won’t Rove just say: “let’s get the documents out” and avoid legitimate questions about what he’s hiding?

UPDATE: Media Matters notes, “In a November 2 statement, Bruce Lindsey, the William J. Clinton Records representative, said that rather than prohibiting the release of communications between Bill and Hillary Clinton, in the 2002 letter, Bill Clinton had merely designated such communications as part of a ‘subset’ of presidential records ‘that should be reviewed prior to release.’”