Rove digs in: Obama trying ‘to avoid oversight’ by appointing czars.

Yesterday, ThinkProgress reported that former Bush adviser Karl Rove made his critical views of President Obama’s various “czars” known on Twitter. Rove called them a “giant expansion of presidential power.” Rove, though, was actually the “domestic policy czar” in the Bush White House, serving as just one of many czars in that administration. In response to various messages from other Twitter users, Rove has been digging in today, saying that Obama is trying to skirt “oversight” and “transparency” by appointing the czars:

Of course, Rove was never actually approved by the Senate either. As Steve Benen points out, Bush had so many czars that “it quickly became the butt of jokes. Newsweek satirist Andy Borowitz suggested in 2007 that the White House needed a ‘lying czar’ to ‘oversee all distortions and misrepresentations.’”


KarlRove responded to us on Twitter regarding the “domestic policy czar position, writing, “That wasn’t my title or my job.”