Rove likens Sotomayor to ‘sort of a schoolmarm.’

Karl Rove has made clear that he doesn’t think Sonia Sotomayor is smart enough to be a justice on the Supreme Court. Last night on Fox News, Rove offered another demeaning and subtly-sexist putdown of Sotomayor. Rove complained to Greta Van Sustern that Sotomayor pays too much attention to grammar and claimed that she’s “sort of a schoolmarm”:

ROVE: When I was talking to people about the 2nd court of appeals — for example, look, as you know, justices circulate opinions and — to their colleagues to get their feedback and to act as, you know, sort of a prompt for discussions when they meet in chambers. Well — in conference, excuse me.

What she would do is she would mark them up like she was your English school teacher and — with your typos and misspellings and other words that she wanted to have changed and send it back to her colleagues. Not exactly the best way to ingratiate yourself with your colleagues. Rather than say, “Oh, I thought you had an interesting legal argument here and I’d like to talk to you more about this here,” she was acting like sort of a schoolmarm.

Watch it:


“You make me nervous about the times I correct people for grammatical errors. I’m not going to do it anymore,” host Greta Van Susteren later told Rove. But Rove clarified, saying his criticism only applies for “equals.” “You should. But if they’re colleagues, if they’re equals, I mean, be very careful about getting out your red pen and marking it up like you’re their English teacher,” he said.