Rove: Obama ‘let a cowboy president…violate a fundamental principle of the Constitution.’

Today on ABC’s Topline, former top aide to President Bush Karl Rove provided one of the more bizarre attacks on the Obama administration regarding the recent U.S.-Israeli diplomatic spat, claiming that the cause of the dispute arose because White House aides didn’t do “their homework in advance.” If they had, Rove said, they wouldn’t “get caught by surprises like this.” Rove did not explain however, how doing more homework would have prevented a decision that was made by the Israeli government. But as another example of the alleged sluggish work ethic of White House staffers, Rove cited the administration’s handling of the Honduran military coup, which, ironically, he described in terms that one might ascribe to his former boss:

ROVE: We saw it in Honduras. Where rather than monitoring the situation, they [the Obama administration] let a cowboy president try to act in an extra-constitutional way to violate a fundamental principle in the Constitution, all without having done their homework in advance.

Watch it:



Editor’s note: The original headline to this post claimed that Rove called Obama a “cowboy president.” However, Rove was actually referring to the Honduran president. The headline has been changed accordingly.