Rove: O’Donnell Has Sean Hannity To Thank If She Wins Senate Seat In Delaware

Karl Rove got into trouble with his right-wing friends earlier this month when he attacked GOP U.S. Senate candidate in Delaware, Christine O’Donnell, after she won the state’s primary, stating that she’s a bad candidate who has “serious character problems.” While Rove was in the process of walking back that criticism, Sarah Palin advised O’Donnell to only “speak through Fox News” after a series of unflattering stories emerged. Last week, she did just that. The GOP senate candidate gave what she claimed would be her last national media interview to Fox’s Sean Hannity.

Today on Hannity’s radio show, Rove continued his walk-back campaign, saying that she had successfully answered her character questions during her interview with Hannity. But Perhaps Rove may have dug himself another hole with the pro-O’Donnell crowd, suggesting that if she wins her Senate race in Delaware, it would have nothing to do with her:

ROVE: If she wins, the moment that she began to win was the moment she appeared on your television program and you asked her the tough questions and rather than ignoring them as she had in the past she confronted them and put these character questions in the most sympathetic light possible. So if she wins, she’s going to have to come come back and thank you profusely for having gotten her on the right course. You can’t solve a problem without acknowledging the problem and on your program she acknowledged the problem and put them in the most favorable light.

Listen here:


Regardless of where Rove stands with his friends on the O’Donnell issue, the former Bush aide is essentially acknowledging what President Obama said in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, that Fox News is promoting the GOP “point of view.” While Hannity attacked the President for his comments yesterday, he didn’t take issue with Rove’s analysis.