Rove Repeats ‘Belittling’ Comments About Richmond, But Praised Cheney’s Small Town Background In 2000

As ThinkProgress noted, Karl Rove attacked Richmond, VA this week when he criticized Gov. Tim Kaine’s (D) possible candidacy for vice president, saying Kaine was only the mayor of the “105th largest city in America…not a big town.” In response, Richmond residents called Rove’s comments “patronizing” and “belittling.” But that didn’t stop Rove. Yesterday on Fox News, he repeated the charge:

ROVE: And look, Kaine is undistinguished. With all due respect, he’s an able but undistinguished governor of the state of — or the commonwealth of Virginia and a former mayor of Richmond, which is the 105th largest city in America, not very big. And you can’t get Virginians to tell you really anything that he’s done, other than and raise taxes for transportation.

Watch it:


However, after President Bush selected Dick Cheney — whose prior elected experience included being a congressman from Wyoming — Rove said Cheney was a “great candidate for us.” On Fox News on Sept. 23, 2000, Rove said Cheney received “the best candidate training” from “retail campaigning” in Wyoming:

ROVE: Well, look, the best candidate training is to, is — you know, this is a guy who won elections in, in a very contested primary in Wyoming, where you have to do a lot of retail campaigning, and got reelected a number of times. He’s — it’s — he’s exercising those political muscles again.