Rove ‘speaks regularly with the McCain campaign’ and ‘lunches two or three times a month’ with Bush.

Despite the fact that he talks “fairly regularly” with top advisers to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), former Bush political guru insists on denying that he is an informal adviser to McCain’s campaign. But in a new article, Time magazine highlights how “dialed in” Rove is with McCain’s campaign efforts:

In private, Rove speaks regularly with the McCain campaign, where his former protégé Steve Schmidt is now the manager. He’s also dialed in at the Republican National Committee, run by Mike Duncan, another former aide. And he still lunches two or three times a month with President Bush.

As ThinkProgress has previously noted, one reason Rove may be reluctant to admit his ties to the McCain campaign is the fact that he is also reported to be “developing outside groups” to help Republicans and John McCain in November. It is illegal for outside groups to coordinate with campaigns.



And as this morning’s Politico piece demonstrates, Rove is heavily involved in McCain’s vice presidential selection.